Q: I am not receiving messages from the site. How can I resolve this issue?
A: First, check your “Email Preferences” under the “My Profile” tab to ensure that the necessary boxes have been checked to receive announcements and reminders. Next, make sure that the email address that you have designated in your Profile is an active account by clicking the “Edit Profile” tab on the left of the screen. Certain email addresses using older domain names have been found to experience difficulties receiving messages from the site. It is also recommended that you regularly check the Spam folder in your email account and to add the email address of the site to your Address Book to prevent such messages from being filtered as Spam.
Q: How do I change my username and/or password?
A: Your username cannot be changed. To change your password, click the "My Profile" tab and click on the “Change Password” tab on the left of the screen.
Q: The date and time shown at the top of the site does not correspond to my local date and time. How can I sync this information?
A: The date and time at the top of the site automatically adjusts to your local date and time. The local date and time can be adjusted by visiting the “My Profile” tab and clicking “Edit Profile.”
Q: Can I set my preferred language as the default language so I do not have to select it each time I visit the site?
A: Yes. Go to the "My Profile" tab, select "Edit Profile," select your preferred language, and click "Save Changes."
Q: How can I receive emails in my preferred language?
A: You must save your preferred language in the “My Profile” tab. To do so, follow the same steps as in the previous question.
Q: What should I do if I no longer wish to receive emails from the site?
A: Go to “My Profile,” select “Email Preferences,” and simply uncheck the “Notify Me” box. You will no longer receive any further notifications or reminders from the site.
Q: How can I unregister from the site?
A: To cancel your registration, go to the “Contact Us” tab and submit a request to the site administrator.
Q: Is the site content the same across different languages?
A: The content is generally the same across all languages. However, in certain sections, the content may vary somewhat due to different references, linguistic considerations, etc.
Q: Why is it that some videos do not display subtitles in my preferred language?
A: If a video does not display subtitles in your preferred language (after you have changed the language setting in “My Profile”), you may need to click the caption setting icon (cc) at the bottom of the viewer to make the change. To do so, first play the video and then click the caption setting icon to change the language.
Q: What is the minimum age required to participate in INDEPTH programs?
A: Participants must be at least 15 years old to register for Modules and 18 years old to register for INDEPTH Courses.


Q: When are Modules offered?
A: The start time of Modules varies, but they normally begin in November. The exact dates for each Module and the cycles within it are set forth in the Module Description. To receive reminder notifications for the start of each cycle, go to “My Profile,” “Email Preferences,” and check the “Notify Me” tab.
Q: Can I participate in the “Daily INDEPTH” questions from previous cycles?
A: No, users can only participate and track their scores in the “Daily INDEPTH” questions of the current cycle. However, “Daily INDEPTH” questions from previous cycles can be viewed by clicking the “View Archive” link on the “Daily INDEPTH” page.
Q: Can I answer the “Daily INDEPTH” questions in open-book format?
A: It depends on the Module; please consult the relevant Module Description.
Q: How can I register for a Module?
A: The first time you access a Module, you will have an opportunity to register for the first cycle of that Module. Once you have registered, you will receive an email message confirming your registration. Note that you will need to register for each new cycle within a Module.
Q: If I do not register for a particular cycle, can I still register for the next cycle?
A: Yes. The registration process relates to each individual cycle, not the Module as a whole. Therefore, missing the registration period one cycle does not affect your ability to register for future cycles.
Q: If I miss answering one or more Daily INDEPTH questions, will it result in the cancellation of my registration?
A: Each Module has its own specific requirements. For more information, refer to the relevant Module Description.
Q: How much time does one have to register for each cycle?
A: The duration of time to register for each cycle is limited and depends on the specific Module. For more information, refer to the relevant Module Description.


Q: What are INDEPTH Courses, and how are they offered?
A: INDEPTH Courses are a series of live online courses that are offered three times a year: fall, winter, and spring. For more information on course listings and times, please refer to the “INDEPTH Courses'' tab on the site.
Q: Why was my registration request form declined?
A: Unfortunately, not all registration request forms can be accommodated for a variety of reasons, including the limited number of courses offered, restricted class sizes, the unavailability of the requested language, the order in which registration request forms are received, the level of participation in previous courses, etc.
Q: Why haven’t I received a response after submitting my registration request form?
A: First, make sure that the email account you have designated for the site is in active status. If you are uncertain of which email account you have designated, you can check by going to “My Profile” and clicking “Edit Profile” to see which email account has been designated. Changing your email account will not have any impact on prior messages that have been sent. Next, check the Spam folder in your email account to make sure that it does not contain any messages from the site. You can add the email address of the site to your Address Book to prevent any future emails from being filtered as Spam. After completing these steps, if you have not received a response 2 weeks after the end of the registration period, please use the “Contact Us” tab to follow up on the site.
Q: Can multiple courses be selected on the registration request form?
A: Yes. The more courses that are selected, the greater the likelihood that your registration request may be approved.
Q: Can I revise my registration request form after it has been submitted?
A: Yes, during the registration request period, you can revise your form as needed.
Q: After completing a course, should I request the same course again to see if there is a continuation of the content?
A: Each course is independent, with its own title and presents similar content while it is offered. Some courses may have multiple levels in which you may participate by completing the prerequisite(s). These courses are clearly labeled as such.
Q: Am I able to participate in two courses at the same time?
A: No, you may only participate in one course per trimester. If your registration request is approved, you will receive an email to complete the registration process for your selected course.
Q: Am I able to take a course I have already completed, but in a new language?
A: Yes.
Q: Other than the site-wide age limit, is there an additional age limit to participate in any of the courses?
A: The age limit of all courses follows the site-wide age limit mentioned in the “Terms of Use” and mentioned in one of the Frequently Asked Questions. The only exception is the “Spiritual Practice in Early Adulthood” course, which is for participants between the age of 18 and 35.
* If you are unable to find the answer to your question here, please use the “Contact Us” tab to submit your question to the site.

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