OSTADELAHI-INDEPTH is intended to facilitate a deeper understanding of Ostad Elahi's philosophy. Toward this end, the contents of the site are organized and presented in the form of didactic modules. As additional modules are added, a list of the various titles can be found under the heading “Modules.”

Each module is comprised of one or more cycles with varying formats. Modules and the various cycles therein become available one at a time and are offered for specific durations. Please consult the module description for details.

Although it is possible to access various areas of the site and browse through the contents of each module, it is recommended that you enroll in the available cycle within the module of your choice and adhere to its curriculum to achieve optimal results.

While participants who choose not to enroll in a given cycle are able to take part in most of the activities and exercises related to that cycle, they will have access only to their individual results and will not be shown any statistical analyses or comparisons of their responses in relation to that of other participants.

It is recommended that you consult the module description and list of activities for each module, including all deadlines, before enrolling to ensure maximum benefit from your participation and statistically significant analyses of your work.